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How we are working?

Model Choosing

Send us your model photos or choose from our

Sample Production

We make a sample product according to. your model

Order of Producing

We manufacture your model instantly


Shipping all Europe and Middle East within 3 days

Designing Denim

Designing the denim with modelist

model sewing
Making A Sample

Making a model sample


Cutting in our factory

Making a sample

Sewing thousands in factory

Washing Denim

Washing denim in the washing company

ironing packaging
Ironing and Packaging

Ironing and packaging for shipping

who are we working with

We produce denim jeans,jacket,skirt,shirt for kid,man and woman clothes companies all around the world

Also,we are manufacturing working clothes for Turkish Army Technology Companies(MKE,ROKETSAN etc..) and tenders.

Who we are?

The Turkish companies FeKa brand, which has been operating in textile sector since 1979, has met the demands of customers both in Turkey and abroad with its high quality thanks to its experience. . FeKa textile manufactures in many areas such as pants, jeans skirts and coats in the field of men, women and children.
The manufacturing facility in Istanbul was established with a vision and passion. With this vision, time and cost efficiency, we have created a company focused on manufacturing and manufacturing textiles with the highest quality. FeKa Textile continues its path with a business ethics guide that is fully compatible with the principles of social responsibility and total quality management systems.

Kids Denim

Please contact us for manufacturing

  Mail: [email protected]
  Telephone:  00905343946444